RTKpost deleting clk/orb files

Sometimes RTKPost will delete some of the data I provide it

Most of the time it happens when

  • Forgetting to decompress a 18d file to 18o. It will then delete the 18d file (using as base)
  • Changing AR method using precise clocks/orbits. Here it will delete the clks/orbs.

Usually the only way back is to delete the rtkpost.ini and re-enter all settings (which, needless to say, is very annoying!)

Any other people seeing this?
It’s not limited to any specific dataset, happens often.
Running RTKLIB ver. 2.4.3 Emlid b28 on Windows 10.

What I often do is to apply settings, hit exit and reopen (settings is saved and still there) the app before i run the process. This specially applies to RTKconv and sometimes in RTKpost.

I created multiple instances of the rtk executables for the purpose of saving different settings… but I did find that I had to close it and reopen it every single time to run it or there were errors.

Hi @wizprod,

Thanks for the report.

Can I ask you to share dataset to reproduce the issue?

I have seen it with many different datasets, and after deleting the .ini and starting fresh, the problem usually goes away.
Maybe the ini file (when it happens) is of more value to you ?

Let’s try with .ini file, @wizprod.
Send me it, when you’ll face the issue again :slightly_smiling_face:

Will do !