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I am currently post processing Reach data I collected a few weeks ago from the coast using RTKpost. I needed to correct my base station coordinates relative to the permanent GPS stations in the area. I input MY raw base station data into the “OBS Rover” section and the permanent station into the “OBS Base Station” section. All other required files were input and Q=1 came out to be 100%.

However, when I show the statistics, my RMS value is around 140,000 meters which is horrible.

I surveyed the same area the day after and when post processing that data, everything ran smoothly and the RMS value was about 0.02 meters.

Any comments or ideas as to why the first RMS value is so large?


Hi Maya,

Can you please share the raw data logs from both datasets so that I can process them as well?

Here is a link to them:

Here are the settings I used:


  • Positioning Mode “static”
  • Frequencies “L1”
  • Filter type “combined”
  • Elv Mask “20”
  • Iono correction “Estimate TEC”
  • Tropo Correction “Saastamoinen”
  • Satellite Ephemeris “Precise”
  • GPS and GLO checked


  • Integer Ambiguity “Fix and Hold” / “ON” / “OFF”
  • AR Filter “ON”


  • Rover Antenna Height “1.8m”


Can’t access your files. Can you please share them via Google Drive or WeTransfer? If you want to keep the data private, you can send it to support@emlid.com.

Sorry Julia, hopefully this link will work!


Let me know if not.


Thank you. I’ve requested access to the files.

I just gave you access, let me know if that worked.

Yep, everything is fine now. Accessed the files. Please give me some time to check them, and I’ll get back to you.

Great thank you so much!

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Hi Maya,

Sorry for the silence here! Julia is out sick, so I’ll take care of your case.

I see that you post-processed logs in RTKLib. I did it with Emlid Studio and didn’t notice any similar RMS value. You can check the result here. I also attached the screenshot.
Houston-raw_202205181340.pos (1.1 KB)

You can check this guide to learn how to post-process base in static mode to obtain absolute accuracy. It’s pretty simple to use in comparison with RTKLib, so I believe it can make your workflow a bit easier :slight_smile:

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Hi Maya,

Did you manage to obtain a sufficient outcome?

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