RtkPlot and Google map?


I try to use RTKLIB on Linux. And with rtkplot I can not see the position with google map.

In the directory app/rtkplot_qt there is two htm files: rtklib_gm.htm and tklib_ge.htm
At the end of the google map file there is:

Version: RTKPLOT-QT ver 2.4.3 Emlid b28




We don’t really support the Google Earth feature in RTKPLOT, especially on Linux. You can try running the Windows version with wine, but there is one catch. You see, RTKPLOT Google Earth integration required a Google Earth desktop app installed, which is now deprecated. Maybe there is still a way to make this work by finding and installing the old Google Earth.

I can also suggest finding a way to integrate with the new Google Maps or maybe switch to QGIS?


I don’t try to use Google Earth. Even for Windows, GEView does not work:

No.136 GEView (Google Earth View) of RTKPLOT does not work (RTKPLOT)

It was for Google Map. it does not start on rtkplot. So, as you proposed, I write a script link with an html page and javascript for the Google Maps API.



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