RTKLIB version

How to check the RTKLIB version of my reach unit?



We maintain a fork of RTKLIB, you can see the source code on our GitHub

Current version is based on top of the 2.4.3b16.

Ok, thanks. I’ve downloaded the RTKLIB fork and I’ve compiled it on my linux machine. From this version I can’t stream out the nmea string to our caster. The caster reports: invalid NMEA GGA input (-2): $GPGGA,*56

The conf file is set as below, and it always work with RTKLIB 2.4.2.p11:
inpstr2-nmeareq =single # (0:off,1:latlon,2:single) ## Transmit NMEA GPGGA messages to Base station
inpstr2-nmealat =0 # (deg) ## Latitude to send
inpstr2-nmealon =0 # (deg) ## Longitude to send