RTKLIB Post-Processing (:

Here’s a quick video on post-processing drone data with RTKLIB using RTKCONV and RTKPOST to update geotags of images. I use an Emlid Reach RS+ base station and Reach M+ with Tallysman antenna for the Phantom 4 Pro. This is cross-posted in the DroneDeploy Forum if you want to see that side of the world.

RTKLIB Post-Processing


Thanks for sharing the your video.

I probably don’t need to point it out here, but it was brought up that I am using the Emlid version of RTKLIB. :slight_smile: Thanks Dave.

Just have a question. While post processing the reach data with reach RS using RTKLIb, where should we enter height of base and rover??. In Reach web, we had entered the base receiver’s height above ground. Can anyone suggest please

It is in the Options of rtkpost under the Positions tab. This is also where you can set a known coordinate for the base.

Thank you. I have another query. We do not have a known base position precisely, therefore we are uploading the raw RINEX file to a PPP service to get the position and height information. Can we use that as base position?? Also, we didn’t maintain the same base position for different survey periods. In that case, how to get a unified solution of surveys combining different periods. Where to give rover height ??

You can, but in order for the error to small enough (within centimeters) using PPP, you have to observe the point for at 12-24 hours. I have better luck using public CORS station data through RTKPost, even with baselines up to 130 km.

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