RTKLIB output and Reachview survey .CSV

Hi, I am using a Reach RS2 Base and M2 as rover with Reachview3 to record some reference points to be used later for job planning. I setup Reachview3 to collect points with a 5 sec average. The Rover is set to calculate RTK positions at 5Hz. I get the survey results from Reachview3 in .CSV format.
Printing out the .csv points they all look realistic compared to existing information that I have for the site.
I want to bring those points into a basic mapping application. I am using Avenza Maps at the moment. There does not appear to be a way of doing this directly that I can see.
So I investigated and after reading the documentation and watching the excellent workflow video by Chascoadmin I managed to post process my Base and Rover UBX files and produce a POS and then a KML file.
Avenza maps accepted this file format, but when I looked at the results it showed the track that the rover had taken and did not appear to have the “Survey points” from my Reachview3 survey. The Rover track appeared to be accurately placed relative to other features in the map.
A bit more research on the forum suggested that I needed to do “Point Extraction” from my PPK POS file. The thread was a bit over my head, so I may not have got it right.
I am feeling a bit lost and am not sure if I am following the best track to achieve my aim of putting my surveyed points into a suitable mapping application, eg. Avanza Maps.
Can someone point me in the right direction please?

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Hi Rodney,

Have you tried converting the CSV file into the KML? We have not tested the Avanza Maps on our own, but it seems that the CSV projects converted by this tool may work.

Thanks Artem. I can see I was off on a tangent now. The mygeodata converter is easy to use. Converted my csv file first go. Now I can see my points in the map.

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