Rtklib not outputing rtcm?

I have a ublox m8n serial input into windows rtklib.
I am trying to postprocess the location to get the precise location of a base station.

I have used the strsvr to convert the raw ublox into rtcm 3.
I also tried using the log in rtknavi for data.

I know that I need rtcm to convert to rinex to postprocess. But when I follow the emlid rtklib tutorial it just outputs a formatless file and a .tag file for the time tag I believe. I expected a .rtcm file.
And these are not converted to rinex in the converter.
Is there some difference I need to account for for postprocessing to or from a file?
I’m using the ublox commands from the tutorial.
Do I need to input an appropriate base position to start with?

@matthewbrooks for post-processing you can log data in native Ublox format and then convert it to RINEX using RTKCONV.

I came to find out that my problem is trying to use a M8n like the 6T in the tutorial.
I now know that I need TRK-MEAS and TRK-SFRS + NAV-Clock and NAV-TIME to get a raw signal that RTKLIB will take.
Is simply enabling all the debug messages enough to turn the raw messages on, or is there a specific UBX message to turn on these messages?
Here is the ublox M8n cmd manual and a DIYDrones thread on these possible commands if they can help.

(PDF) https://www.u-blox.com/sites/default/files/products/documents/u-bloxM8_ReceiverDescrProtSpec_(UBX-13003221)_Public.pdf


Since the Navio+ uses the M8N, someone must know how to activate and receive raw measurements on a m8n not mounted to the Navio+?

You can enable TRK-MEAS and TRK-SFRB in U-center or by configuring RTKLIB to send these commands:

Thank you very much.
The m8n with a multi constellation antenna makes a very good base station.