RTKLib issue, 2 consecutive logs with different correction output

Hi! I’m post-processing with RTKlib 2.4.1, we used both Reach as rover mode, base was left logging for 3 hours approx. while rover was onboard UAV during 2 flights (one log for each flight, no modifications were made in between). Same RTKpost configuration for both logs with different outputs :confused:, worth to mention that at first I post-processed the whole log and then adjusted Time Start and Time End for our area and flight time of interest, this increased drastically the number of fixes in second log… not the same story for the first one.

First flight:

Second flight:

This is my setup for post-processing:

Any ideas for the difference in the solutions?
Thanks for the great work!


Please use modern RTKLIB version, you can get it in our docs:

It also looks like you need to optimize antenna placement, please provide satellite observation plots and picture of how you have everything setup.

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Hi, processed with modern RTKLib version and similar results.

This is my post-process setup and results:


Flight num 2 no modifications to UAV were made between flights, same settings for post-processing (except time start and time end)

Thanks for the response.

Please follow the tutorial for proper setting of RTKPOST:

RTKlib 2.4.3.b23 is out. (beta)
Bugfix - Issues · tomojitakasu/RTKLIB · GitHub
Latest RTKlib beta version here - Issues · tomojitakasu/RTKLIB · GitHub

One more thing, are you using logs from the same time span? looks like rover and base have different timestamp