Rtklib Height?

what are the parameters of the EMLID RS + antenna to enter in delta N / E / U to configure RTKLIB? U = instrumental height

In the position tab

yes, but what are the parameters of N and E?

delta N / E / U in RTKPOST should be the difference (in meters) between the point being measured and the antenna inside Reach RS+.

Normally you would calculate it like this:

65mm distance between Reach RS+ antenna and bottom mount
21.5mm brass adapter height
2m pole height (or tribrach height, etc.)
2.0865m U for RTKLIB (antenna height above the measured point)

N / E / U = 0 / 0 / 2.0865


And to add to what @bide says, then N/E is usually only for offsetting phase-center on a L2 (etc.) antenna, if I have understood the documentation correctly.

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Yes, or it could also be used in the odd case where you are offset from the point because of an obstacle or something like that.

Better be good at reading that compass :smiley:

I am deadly accurate with my magnetized pin and a leaf :laughing:


Oh that bush-craft !

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Don’t forget to drop in little bit of soap to break the surface tension on the water though or you might get a false fix from that needle!

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