Rtklib gpst

Hi all! I am trying to post-process and because the GPX has events that I don’t want to use they are interfering and grabbing images that don’t belong to them even though I have hidden those events. I am now trying to use the timeframe exclusively and it is telling me no OBS. I am using 2:08pm-2:18pm CST and am thinking I am not converting to GPST correctly? We are is DST, but I used +5h and +6h and it is still not working. I am using Geosetter to update the GeoTags.

I have isolated to the images to be used and the track looks correct, but the events is capturing from home and to home after the autonomous flight.

Even when I hide those events in GeoSetter…

After the 3rd try I actually got the string to align with the correct GPS events without hopping to the wrong line so I guess I just needed to try it a couple of times. I have a few events that don’t have a picture associated, but I think it will be ok. If anyone has any tips I would greatly appreciate it. I think I might need to try again to see if I can regain those lost images.

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