hi emlid.
I have a tool like this can I use it in the field?
Or is there a tool that I have to add for field measurements

Hi Sahatmanik,

This is the product from the beginning of Emlid’s story :sunglasses: It is Reach RTK Module. For field measurements, you need a power supply and an external GNSS antenna that I see in the picture.

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whether this tool can be connected with rs2.
is there any other tool i should buy or i replace

Yes, it can be connected with Reach RS2 via NTRIP. You need to run RS2 as a base with Emlid Caster, and connect Reach Module as a rover via NTRIP. If the Module’s firmware version is older than v2.24, the Module is managed only by Reach Panel.

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Good morning,
may i tell how to use it/connect to rs2

Hi Sahatmanik,

Have you managed to run Reach RS2 as an NTRIP base via Emlid Caster? If so, you can use our guide to connect Reach Module to Reach RS2 via NTRIP.

If not, please tell me whether you face any issues with that.

module as a base, so that I can place it in an office that has wefii
2. Can the results of the survey using points be used directly?

Reach Module is a single-band, while Reach RS2 is a multi-band. It means that Reach RS2 won’t operate as a rover if Reach Module acts as a base. A multi-band receiver requires more satellite signals to calculate its position precisely. You can check more information in this thread.

In the last paragraph my colleague Svetlana tells about a similar case when Reach RS+ is a base. Don’t be misled by that: Reach RS+ is a single-band as well as Reach Module.

What do you mean by using directly? If you work in RTK, you can collect points and export them in different formats: CSV, DXF, SHP. It doesn’t require any post-processing procedure.

emlid is very helpful.
I have another question:

  1. I have an rs2 unit and I want to track the path, how do I do it? and process it
  2. is there an alternative so that my reach module can be used, if my place does not have internet
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Thank you for your kind words :smiling_face:

Reach RS2 can record the raw data log in the RINEX and UBX formats. You can use our guide to learn how to do that.

Reach Module can record the raw data as well as Reach RS2. You can use the logs from both receivers to perform a PPK or Stop & Go survey, for instance. Please note that the baseline is up to 30 km in this case.

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