RTK won't work

Hi all, I’m trying to set up a RTK with Ublox EVK7p, laptop and pi b+( w/ navio+). They are currently directly connected to each other for test and once it succeeds I’ll add the telemetry module to the system. I was following the tutorial to set up the base station and it works fine. But on the rover side I kept getting the following error message:

Any idea about that? Or do you guys have any suggestion about setting up the rover on pi? I’m a total newbie so any advice will be really helpful! Thank you guys so much!

Also, here is my rtkrcv.conf:

rtkrcv binary is sensitive to the location you run it from. You either need to run it from the gcc directory in app/rtkrcv/gcc, or change your conf file paths to point to those files from your run location.

@egorfedorov Thanks for the reply! I was following your advice but I don’t know which file I should open in the gcc folder. Any advice?

gcc is the folder where the build binaries are found. You should just run the same ./rtkrcv command. Keep in mind, that when you load the conf file, you will have to specify the exat path.

Also, it is important that you use our fork of RTKLIB, as the main one does not support SPI