RTK with onboard M8N

BLUF: Anyone had success with RTK and onboard UBLOX M8N GPS module and can help guide?

New to Ardupilot and the scene but really eager to get a project started. I dove in with a Raspberry pi 3 and Navio2 board. Currently I am trying to get RTK but hoping to use the onboard GPS module instead of the Reach or another alternative since I am just getting my feet wet. The M8N chip on my board has the older firmware (2.0) so it should be capable of the hidden raw messages. I have tried a couple distributions of RTKLIB with SPI support.

in my RTKRCV I have:
inpstr1-type =spi # (0:off,1:serial,2:file,3:tcpsvr,4:tcpcli,7:ntripcli,8:ftp,9:http,10:spi)

inpstr1-path =/dev/spidev0.0

I am also loading the UBX raw files. Once the service is running and I check on status or satellite, it doesn’t seem to be populating anything. Is the SPI service still able to pass the GPS through to the latest Navio2 load?

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