RTK survey Wrong Antenna Height

Hi Team
I’ve collected some points in rtk but I wrongly setup the antenna height to 1.80 m instead of 2.00m is it possible to edit in order to have the correct value for Z ?



Hi Francesco,

You can just manually subtract 0.2m from points elevation.


Hello Svetlana,
I think it’s the opposite, you have to add the difference of 20 cm to all points elevation.
@Francesco_sisani I think its’ better to check that in the field with a true antenna height and a known point elevation even you finish your work.

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@Zinou You actually have to substract from the current elevations. During the process, the height was measured to the ARP and the pole height was substracted from that. Pole height being lower than reality, the point height is still higher than reality. Thus you have to substract.

Mathematically speaking it’s like this
ZpointNow = Zarp - 1.80
ZpointReal = Zarp - 2.00

ZpointReal = ZpointNow - 0.2

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Hello Florian,
@Florian I actually tested it in the field using RV3 and noticed that it needs to be added and not to be substract.
I add that I followed the same scenario of Francesco above.

It depends if the antenna height setup Francesco mentioned is the value he input in RV3 or is the actual height of the pole :slight_smile:

If the value in RV3 was 1.80m but the pole was actually deployed to 2.00, elevations are too high and 0.2m need to be susbtracted to them.

If the pole was deployed to 1.80m but the value in RV3 was 2.00m, then 0.2m has to be added to elevations indeed.

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That’s what i got from his post.
Thanks again for reply.