RTK survey for beginners

Hi There,
I am a new comer in using Emlid product as well as in survey area. I have been using phantom 4 advance for my drone survey activity. However my boss wants me to have an accurate survey result (centimetre level). For your information I am using pix4D mapper for the processing tool. So, I am purchasing Emlid RS2 to be used as my Base Station and Rover. The area where I lived doesnt have base station around, so I would have to set up my own base station every time I fly the drone in a fix base station. with above facts, I have some questions :

  1. is it enough to have base station and rover of Emlid RS2 to collect ground control and RTK survey?
  2. Can someone show me stages or workflow of RTK survey from acquisition to final result with RTK correction and Ground control points?
  3. How do I get the result of RTK survey to pix4D mapper? is there a way?
  4. what are the processing software for exporting and processing the result of survey via base station and radio

Your all response will be highly appreciated,

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  • Most definitely and you will probably be more site relevant using a local base vs a CORS/VRS.

This is not part of the process if you are able to use RTK. PPK on the other hand does require Post-Processing (the PP).


Thanks for the response, will take a look on that, and get back to you,

Appreciated the effort in explaining


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