RTK-Setup with REACH and U-blox NEO-6T USB dongle

Hi everybody. I’m planning to build a RTK-System with a rover (with NAVIO+) and a base station. I already purchased an “U-blox NEO-6T USB dongle”. I want to purchase a REACH as soon as it’s available. Now I’m thinking about what module to use better as rover and wich as base station?

At the moment I’m more into building the base station with the REACH, though the fact that the 9DOF IMU would not be used confuses me a bit!?

What would you guys recommend? Base station with REACH and Navio+ rover with U-blox dongle OR the other way round??

Thanks for your answers.
Yours sincerely.

Hello Ruprecht!

It all depends on your setup, as you can’t just use the dongle as it needs to be connected to a computer. Reach would be probably be better as rover as it is small and doesn’t need additional devices to function.

Hi Egor.
I’m planning to build the rover with a Navio+ and connect the dongle with the navio. That would work, wouldn’t it?
The benefit of a base station with the REACH is the very compact and energy efficient design compared with a base station with a dongle conected to a computer!?

On the other hand you write that the Reach doesen’t need any additional devices wich would be smart in a rover as well. But that doesen’t mean that it replaces the Navio does it? I mean if I build a rover with the Reach it “only” calculates correction data and I have to connect it to a Navio+ to run the APM?

Yeah, that should work.
No, you can’t use Reach as an autopilot, it wasn’t designed for that.