Rtk settings

Hello! Can you tell me please if this Rtk settings are correct. I use the sqme settings for ro and base. Screenshot_20210208_095254_com.reachview|253x550

Please see both screenshots

Looks good to me except that most people typically run a 1Hz update rate on the base and 5Hz on the rover. The base is stationary and the rover is obviously moving.

OK. Thanks. I have emlid reach module and sometimes when I turn it on it gets fix in a few seconds. But sometimes when I turn it on again the Ar validation radio is on 1.0 and doesn’t get fix status. I use NTRIP to have connection between base and rover. What can be the reason?

Does this mean you are using the Emlid or other caster?


Check to make sure you have a good internet connection on both ends. I use my phone as a hotspot for both my RS2 and my data collector to get corrections from a CORS via NTRIP and if I forget to bring my phone with me it will do this or age of corrections goes up and it loses the RTK fix.

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