Rtk settings for ntrip

Hello! Are Rtk settings on reach modules(base and rover) same as rtk settings over tcp connection?

You mean over Lora as co
Pared to TCP?

No. I use NTRIP connection

Here you find my video how to make a TCP connection :


Hi Giorgi,

NTRIP transmits corrections over the Internet, while for TCP connection the units should be connected to one network.

To set a TCP connection, you need to specify:

  • On the base: Role: Server and the port number

  • On the rover: Role: Client, the base’s IP address, and the port number

You can follow Zinou’s video tutorial as well.

To set the NTRIP connection between your base and rover, you can use the Emlid caster. In this case, you need to enter the credentials from the site on the base and rover units.

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Thank you everyone for your attention :heart::heart::heart:

We are always here to help :slightly_smiling_face:

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