RTK Red Light and Insufficient Memory message

My RTK module started showing a static red light (Internal App Error) after a attempt to update the firmware. I had already tried to reflash the unit (https://docs.emlid.com/reach/common/reachview/firmware-reflashing/) and it returned a message of Insufficient Memory to update. Anyone can help me to fix that? Thank you.

Hola. tengo el mismo problema descargue, el findware de intel y he tratado de hacerlo directo desde el pc. con cable pues no emite señal wifi, cuando tiene la luz roja el trata de instalar controladores, pero sale el aviso que no tiene suficiente memoria.

Agradezco cualquier colaboración.


Can you please elaborate what is giving you that error?

I have a similar problem - after reflashing (on mac with command line) the module because of an internal error (red light) on the reach module, I cannot update reachview (it updates the module and does the time sync, downloads the reachview but cannot install the update)…if I skip the update and reboot the red internal error re-appears and I cannot log back into the module.

A fix for the internal error following reflashing and the update error turned out to be to skip the receiver update in the Reach Updater and just do the ReachView update to v2.10, then go back and do the Receiver update and RechView update to v2.11.

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