RTK real time rower bandwidth and latency requirements

What are the bandwidth and latency requirements for a rower when using real time corrections from base station with RTK? I am interested in concrete data measurements - something like “it needs X kbps with a maximum latency of y ms”.

Required bandwidth for RTCM3 is just 139 bytes/s, acceptable latency is 1-3s depending on the situation.

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Thanks for a superb answer! It would be nice to source the values your report somehow… I guess there must be some values buried inside the specification right? Would you mind helping to find a reference please?

I’ve found it in the document called “RTCM3 vs CMR”, but the site hosting it is offline now.
As it often happens, numbers differ in papers depending on what messages are enabled (base station position, code corrections, phase corrections, etc). For example here it says that RTCM3 requires 1800bps for 12 satellites and 1 second latency.

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