RTK Reach - Experience with CORS/RINEX in Australia?

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for letting me join this Forum.
Question. Is anyone on here working with the RTK Reach module here in Australia? I have most things covered but just need to clear up the COR’s and Rinex files that I need to get the final corrections. I have my log on for the Australian Gov site. Thanks
Graham G

Hi Graham, when you say have login for cors are you saying Auscors or Auspos ?

Yes. AUSCORS-GNSS. I think i have the RTK-Post going ok.
Just need a little conformation on what I’m doing. If you are able to give some advice, that would be much appreciated.
Regards Graham G

Hi Graham,
I have just got through the confusion part of this.
Pick a reference station you want to use.
Use the data available at:
to process a days worth of data using AusPos
(you will have to use crx2rnx to get it into a format that AusPos can use)
This will give you a report pretty quickly which will define the ref station in both GDA94 and ITRF2008 coordinates.
Then you can check that you are using the right one for your needs. Through AusCORS it looks like you get the GDA94 position for the reference station, but if you use www.igs-net.org you will get the ITRF2008 position which is different by 1.3m in southern Australia.
email me simon.allen@spatialanalytics.com.au if you need more info.

Thanks Simon,
Will take this on board. Have a bit happening at the moment building my house. Getting flying time for myself is hard.
May contact you later once I get some me time.
Thank you

Graham G

Hi Graham,
i have the Auscors working ok for me.