RTK providers coordinate system


I am new in this so I need little bit information I am using Reach RX

I can use two RTK providers one with ISN2016 and the other with ISN93
In NTRIP I create two connections.

befor I select or create prodect I get a FIX
do I need to send to the providers same coordinate system and he is sending me for Correction

so do Emlid Flow send the right coordinate system when I select að prodect ?
and what coordinate system do Emlid sending in the begining ?


Hi @sigster,

The rover always works in the same datum the base has. So if the provider works in ISN2016 or ISN93, you’ll need to choose the corresponding coordinate system based on the same datum. Otherwise, you’ll get a conversion error that may lead to a possible mismatch of coordinates.

You don’t need to send any coordinate system to the provider and Emlid Flow also doesn’t do this. The process looks as follows:

  • The base sends its geographical coordinates to the rover
  • The rover calculates its geographical coordinates regarding base coordinates
  • The app performs conversion from geographical coordinates to local coordinates using CS parameters

So the coordinate system parameters should be defined beforehand while creating the project.


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