RTK post processing with Topcon Tools

There is software like Topcon tools, that does not recognize the rinex files with extension .obs, the RTKCONV can not generate rinex files with extension .18o?, thank you.



Just rename the extension, and you’re good to go.

Thanks Cristian,
I rename the extension and it did import the file, but it does not matter as a single static point, but as many cinematic points, any suggestions?, thanks

Can you illustrate your issue RTKplot maybe? I’m not sure I understand you correctly.

Hi Jairo,

RTKCONV doesn’t generate RINEX files with extension .18o. However, RTKLib can work with .18o without converting.

Hi Tatiana,
Thanks for your information.
I have other doubts about this topic, Forum topic (RTK post processing with TBC (Trimble Geomatic Office)), do you have any comments?

@andrew.yushkevich gave you an answer in this thread. Do you still need help with the issue?

Hi Tatiana,
At the moment I am clear about the limitations of Reach RS, but I would like you to take into account the comments about the implementation of the files to be able to process with the stop and go method, thanks.

+1 for this. Would be awesome!

Hi @ojedajairo,

Thanks for your request!

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