RTK / Post-processing with *.DC files

Hello Emlid team,

There are rtk processing software that use the files with extension * .dc which is very functional to make edits in the rtk post-processing, the question is, it is possible from raw files of Reach rs, ubx or rinex, do the conversion for this kind of files? Thank you. (I attach a test file).


Jairo3103EV.zip (13.9 KB)

I tried with Emlid RTKCONV and it said ¨file format can not be recognized¨. But I´m interested in any software that can post process rtk files from emlid products. What is the name of the software? Maybe they have a converter?

Hi Eugene,

The DC files are created by the TSC2 and TSC3 collectors of Trimble, the program that carries out the post-process is GPSeismic, it is very functional because in it I can change the coordinates of the base and modify the coordinates of the measured points, also allows to edit points in a friendly way.

I´ll download and give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

Needs a License Manager. :confused:

Do you use Trimble GPS? Surveying or just control and drone?

I’m using Reach RS, but I’m trying to do the post-processing in the same way I do with the Trimble equipment, for this, I’m trying to convert the raw files of the Reach RS to the raw files generated by Trimble.

Do you not have Trimble Business Center?

Yes, I have TBC

You are trying to convert to *.dc? Why not CSV or Rinex and then bring into TBC? Much more universal?

Él TBC acepta los archivos rinex como RTK? o como stop & go?

Rinex files are raw data and the information they contain depends on the device creating them. Normally though they do contain at least LLH data, but to have RTK you have to have three sets of data. The source (satellites), the control (base) and the position (rover).

Hi Michael,

The rinex file that exports the Reach RS, imports it in TBC but takes it as a static point, I forced it to be kinematic but it does not process, any suggestion? Thank you

Check this thread:

Hi Dmitriy,
I have done several exercises with TBC and I have been successful in the processing of static points, but in the RTK works I have not had the same luck, because the rinex file that exports the Reach RS, the TBC does not understand it as cinematic and it does not give the option to reprocess it, that’s my problem.

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