RTK on Smartphone


I saw some posts about RTK module and antenna connection in cell phones and I was curious.
Has anyone out there assembled something?
I thought about building some device that provides Ntrip correction on my cell phone.
I think connecting an M2 and a Multi-band GNSS antenna would do the trick.

Does anyone have a suggestion?

Hi Mauricio,

I’m curious about that too, as I’ve not seen anything similar made by someone single-handedly. Many people love creating custom devices at home, so I wouldn’t be surprised :sweat_smile:. Still, it seems too tricky to do this using a standard smartphone. It requires not only to change the hardware components but to code it to communicate with the smartphone’s OS properly.

This idea pops up on here from time to time.

In order to have RTK part of the needed system is embedded at the hardware level, so sending RTK corrections into your phones gps will not work, currently no cell manufacturer has RTK gps.
If you have certain android phones you can desolder the gps chip and replace it with this kit.

Using the Emlid with Reachview3 lets you see and record rtk position of the antenna on your phone, this exists and works well.

Using your phone as a modem to pass Ntrip information to M2/RS2 is already handled by Reachview as well.