RTK Navigation Settings and setup

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I was wondering if there is something that is more comprehensive, then the tutorials out there, on how to setup/debug the reach rtk for navigation. Perhaps Igor, or another can show us the settings? It seems like Emlid, had it working at least briefly for the precision landing video. Is it realistic at this stage of development to use rtk for waypoint navigation?

Some Background, we seem to have strong fix over wifi and close range, but once we start with the 3dr Sik radios, the signals from the base drop erratically, resulting in a fix/float/single jumping mess even at distances like 50m. We’re piping as in the tutorial from the base to the laptop through wifi, from the sik radio to the pixhawk, and then from pixhawk to edision by serial connection.

It would be great to know if somebody has done it before (reliable rtk waypoint navigation), particularly the Emlid team. Or if this is untested grounds. I’m partially asking this, because somehow I feel that I should trust the Emlid tutorial, but now matter how many times I repeat it, I keep getting these shaky connections.

Any ideas appreciated! Thanks!

Have you verified the signal levels @ 50m? I was talking with some surveyors and they said the correction link is normally the weakest part of RTK systems in general, especially non commercial setups.

Since you mention you are on the pixhak can you check the signal levels? http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-3dr-radio-advanced-configuration-and-technical-information.html

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You should try the minimal settings for the base correction stream:


RTCM messages 1002, 1006, 1010, which results in 1800bps stream rate.

Radio range highly depends on the air speed that you can lower if using minimal correction stream.