RTK - Manual Input

I tried using the Reach RS Dev version 2.10.1 last week to verify some previous fixed control points.

However, when “Manually” entering the known station co-ordinates (LLH) as a fixed basepoint (using an iPhone 5), the boxes for Latitude and Height were “Text” boxes and do not allow the entry of decimal points. I was able to edit the previous latitude keeping the old decimal point, but could not change the previous target height to anything other than an integer. I had to post-adjust the level values to match the correct target heights.

The Longitude entry box is “Numeric” and allows decimal point entry via the keypad.


I don’t have an iPhone, but as a temporary workaround, are you able to type the lat/long number in another app (calculator / email / texting app)) then copy, and paste into ReachView?

It’s not a major problem as I can post edit the results, but it’s clearly something that needs addressing in a future update. I can’t imagine how this has not been raised before.


I thought we actually got rid of these issues, but it seems not. Thanks for the report. Will be fixed in the next one.

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