Hi, my problem is that I lose the signal in RTK (LoRa) very easily, I wanted to know what the correct parameters are.
I walk under a tree and Ar RATIO puts on 0 with ease, and finds it difficult to lift.
Besides that I can not measure a point at a distance greater than 1 kilometer, what would be the parameters to enhance this problem
From already thank you very much.
Sorry for my English
Best regards from San Juan, Argentina.-

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Do you have a direct line of sight between the rover and base?
What kind of environment are you operating in?

Seems like this should be under Getting Started. If you are configured as with the Emlid RTK guide I would try changing frequencies. Try several different ranges. Turning satellite constellations on/off may help as well.


I am operating in optimal conditions, what frequency do you recommend? I saw people that in RTK measured vectors of more than 10 km, the truth is that I can hardly believe

The lower the frequency, the better range is the usual rule of thumb.
When you say optimal conditions, do you mean line of sight in a rural area?


Is both of your antennas pointing down and not obstructed by anything?
It doesnt take much before the distance is highly reduced

I could pass the optimal configuration, which goes in the “RTK ADJUSTMENT” or “BASE MODE” menu, to be able to fully exploit the performance of my team, for the moment a somewhat disconnected encounter.

Hi @fernando.nt6,

Do you still experience the issue with LoRa?

hola. solucionaste el problema?, me pasa lo mismo

mod edit (auto-translate): Hi. did you solve the problem ?, the same happens

Hi Carlos,

In this part of forum we use English language.

Please post simple reports from base and rover units so we may look into your settings.

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