RTK lock stability - Piksi vs Reach?

We are currently using a piksi as a position reference on a 3DR iris, but are having trouble maintaining a fixed position lock. It can generally establish the lock in a reasonable amount of time, but even on clear days in an open field, it regularly loses the lock.

We are considering switching to the Reach in an attempt to improve the results of our tests. Does anyone have enough experience with the piksi and the reach to be able to comment on the pros/cons of each?


Figured out the issue we were having. The 2.4 GHz iris controller was interfering with the 915 MHz Piksi transmission (every time the controller was switched on, the fixed position lock was lost). We will be switching to the Reach to get around the transmission issues.


I’m not sure you will gain anything changing to the Reach. The serial radio that the Piksi and the Reach use are the same so you will likely have the same problem with the Reach.

Larry, thanks for your input. I’ll keep that in mind.

But, we can send the data over wifi instead of radio using the Reach, and in the worst case scenario, we can store the data onboard each unit and do post processing later. The piksi doesn’t have onboard storage capability like the Edison does.