RTK LIB - Reach M+

Hi. I am new here. I installed the Reach M + receiver on the Nimbus Pro V2. Flight at a speed of 20 m / s, registration of PPK photos.
I postprocessing using RTK-LIB 2.4.3 b33 downloaded from the website: Kinematic processing | Emlid Studio
I cannot post-process with Galileo satellites and I cannot enter an offset.
I perform postprocessing using RTK-LIB 2.4.3 b33 downloaded from the website: http://www.rtklib.com/
I don’t tag photos in this version.
Does anyone have a stable version that I could process with GPS and Galileo satellites?

Hi @Rudziu01,

Welcome to the community forum!

May I ask you to specify what you mean by this? Have you recorded the Galileo data in the log?

Would you mind sharing the logs with us so that we could take a closer look? Usually, it’s possible to post-process Reach M+ data with our RTKLib version.

Thanks for the answer.
Yes. I mark in the Galileo journal.
I am sending a link to the raw files from the raid and the postprocessing programs.



Hi Grzegorz,

Do I understand correctly that you’re trying to post-process the data with only Galileo satellites? Please note when you post-process the logs in Emlid RTKLIB QT, using the GPS satellite system is necessary.

Unfortunately, I have no access by this link. Would you mind opening it?

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