RTK lib and NTRIP service

Hello everyone !

I have some problems with connecting to NTRIP server with RTKLIB, I am constantly getting the TIMEOUT error.

My workflow is as follows:

I have my rover as UBLOX and my base station as NTRIP server:

I specify the IP, PORT, MOUNTPOINT, USERNAME and PASS for my paid NTRIP service (I live in Croatia and the service is named CROPOS).

I can even successfully scan the service for available MOUNTPOINTs, (I choose CROPOS_VRS_RTCM31).

When I click start in RTKNAVI it tries to connect:

But eventually it times out:

Am I doing something wrong or is it possible that RTKLIB is not compatible with my NTRIP service in some way? It is working fine with Single station (CORS) NTRIP service but when I switch it too earlyer mentioned service I am constantly getting the TIMEOUT error.

Any help is highly appreciated.

Hi @GreenSCV
Generally not all RTCM3 messages are supported in RTKLIB
look into the manual p.126 =>http://www.rtklib.com/prog/manual_2.4.2.pdf

1004,1005,1007 =>which are supported by RTKLIB
PBS is Physical Base Station and I don’t know which message that would be (I think this is something from Trible, but I don’t know).


have you succedeed?
I have a problem getting correct stream from Slovenian network
in RTKLIB. I only get GLONASS observations from GPS+GLONASS stations.
If I check only GPS in options I get nothing.

I tried to reach you over private message, but I can’t find the option.