Rtk is not connecting via telemetry

the version fimware is 2.4

i was coneting the rtk and 3DR Radio this

configuration base

configuration rover

i probed the radio and they are working
i also connected the rtk via wifi and they are working


Whats your powersource? spec
Also, uncheck "send nmea gga message.
If signals to bad it will not output correction. Fix groundplate and try oustide.

Vcc 5 V from port usb 2.0

ok i will uncheck “send nmea …”

yes i have bad singal but this pictures is the configuratio that i did outside
and rearch didnot work

i connected the radio in the pc y the other radio in the rearch and so work well

i probed the rearch with the program u-center u-blox and so work well


Not sure usb on computer delivers enough power to both reach and radio.
Try with a batterybank or a wall socket

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ok i will prove with a battery bank

how many Current i need ?


Not sure, but try with min. 2 amp

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hello in the configuration i only set in base: “Base mode” and rover: “correction input” the other option are off.

my source is 5 Vcc and 2 Amp

what can i do? the rtks dont work


@cristian-saul-66 Have you checked the configuration of your radio with a PC? Double check your baud rate. Most of the radios are set with a baud rate much higher than that, 57600 is the default for most telemetry radios.

If the radios are indicating that they have a link (green light) it is more than likely not receiving any data from the Reach itself. You should see a slow blinking red light I believe if it is transmitting any information.