RTK inject produce EKF VARIANCE readings

Hello all,

We recently had an issue with our Emlid Reach RS+ and M+ setup for Pixhawk when doing an auto mission with RTK INJECT. We introduce manually the base coordinates on the Base Mode tab in the Reach RS+ and when connecting the dron we reached RTK fixed quickly. This is something that we have done before.
However, this time, once in the air, the rover coordinates did not update, so we had to abort the mission. Here is the link to download the logs and the pics with the setup.


Hi Fran,

Is it a repeatable behavior or did it happen once?

This problem only happened once

Hi Fran,

Thank you for the logs and the thorough report.

I’ve processed your logs to come back with a summary. I couldn’t see anything strange from them so it seems it was some kind of a one-time glitch. The receiver settings are look fine too.

Please report back if you notice it again.

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