Rtk gsm/3g corrections on M2

Is there a way to get ntrip corrections on M2 with gsm/3g connections ? in one drone?
I would like to get a real time 3g connections over internet and send them do M2.

I think you can plug a GSM/3G dongle using a USB OTG cable on the M2, but not 100% sure, or dongle compatibility.

it’s a very good idea :slight_smile: but M2 have drivers for it? where should i configure hardware ntrip ports?

Hi Antao,

Yes, you indeed can use 3G or LTE modem with Reach M2 via USB-OTG cables. However, the modem should be compatible with Linux OS to work with Reach M2.

Also, the modem should be pre-configured to connect to the Internet automatically after powering.

Hello Svetlana
Thanks ! could advice one modem compatible?

Hi Antao,

I can hardly suggest some particular modems since I don’t know much about your project requirements. However, if you have one in mind, I can confirm if it works with Reach or not :slightly_smiling_face:

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