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Hi everyone, I’m having issues contacting RTKfix.com - I have ordered a days Ntrip service but my order is still processing 4 days on, no connection info and the funds have been taken from our account and I cant get hold of anyone to support.
Anyone had similar issues? This was just to run some rest projects and get a feel for the service - as you can tell it’s going well :joy:

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I also have registered a new Mountpoint a few days ago. I also have no answer till yet.

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Yes I still have no reply, 2 emails sent and nada.

RTKFix can be a bit slow to react.

But RTKPremium was better (for me) at least.

I have now settled doing my own as I find both of the above prices crazy…

OK RTKfix got back to me nearly a week later so not the fastest solution but it did give me a FIX solution. Will definitely check out RTK Premium. How did you go about setting up your base, I see ROCK Robotics are offering a base for under $1000.

I have an RS2 I use as base - and a Reach RX as client

I also use a “public” EU network for free when within reach.

If you are in the UK there are cheaper alternatives than RTKPremium and RTKFix.

£500 per year - https://intelligent-pm.co.uk/product/rtk-license-introductory-offer/

Not quite as good as RTKPremium or RTKFix but good enough for most things.

RTKPremium is based of (in the UK) the UK’s official network of RTK stations - so pretty much same as Leica/Hexagon SmartNET.

Hi Kaz,

Thanks for that, super helpful. I will check those links out.

With regards to your base, is the RS2 set up permanently? Would you mind explaining your set up in further detail as I’m fairly new to the space just trying to learn as much as possible.

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