RTK fix, bad accurcy

we are using two reach m+ with Lora as a rover and as a base for our big quadcopters autopilot. We got 26 sattalites 0.9HDOP RTKFIX getting corrections and another M9N gps with 31 sat however, drone travelling around 1 meter radius. I couldn’t understand if the rtk accualy giving cm accuricy position cause looks like drone following the gps position. There is a video on the link bad-gps-stable.
Thanks advance.

Hi @alproboticsemy,

Could you please elaborate on the issue? I can’t see anything wrong in the video. Thank you!

In auto mode drone shouldn’t travel around it should stay still in the air. I am trying to eliminate if there is a problem with the rtk. After the RTK is fix should I check any other data to make sure if it’s giving cm accuricies ?