RTK event post-process problem

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I was testing with uav mapping by using Reach RTK and Reach RS. Reach RS inject coordinate to UAV by mission planner and sent to UAV with ReachRTK. Everything seem to working fine. After test flight I download everything to computer and start post-process follow the instruction but I notice that GPS positon that the event record it was not only record when camera taking picture but it record all most the flight. Anyone has any idea what is going on.Did I set anything not correctly? It is hard to find the gps coordinate that camera taking picture. I use cable from Tuffwing, feedback from hot-shoe and signal to reach rtk.

I upload logs file here
RTK logs.zip (9.5 MB)

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/9/9c8a184727aa3268df84a104474714491c4aae8d.JPG" width="588"height=“500”>


Could you please rezip the log files? Does not open for me.

Here for logs, Upload to google drive


So the RINEX has 148 camera events inside, should be a processing issue…

The camera only taking 34 pictures. Any recommend for this issue?

In that case it is likely an electrical issue. Verify your wiring and test events in the camera tab of ReachView.

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@igor.vereninov In the old version when you download log, it was converted to rinex and reported the number of photos now in UBX I use rtkconv where I can not see the number of photos before processing the flight, so no report file * .txt is generated, what is the most efficient way for me to know the number of photos before processing the flight?

@antonio.arns1 we intend to bring this functionality back. As far as I remember you should see the number of events during RINEX conversion step. You can also manually check the .obs file by searching for " 5 0" in any more or less advance text editor.

@igor.vereninov Thanks! This function is very important in my flights on average are generated 1500 time mark so this feature turn easy this process.