RTK data rate and maximum age of corrections

Just a general question about RTK NTRIP data age and speeds - what is the oldest and slowest acceptable speed for corrections. I have a very slow RF datalink at 1200 Baud a wondered if it would work?


Whatโ€™s your hardware setup? Whatโ€™s the source of your corrections?

Itโ€™s not recommended to have Age of Differential higher than 5s.

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Itโ€™s very theoretical at the moment, using RS+ and a M+ with an amateur radio link (packet radio). But with 5 seconds at 1200 baud would be about ~600 characters which I would think would be too slow. The range of a hamradio link could be easily >25 miles with just a few watts of RF. With hamradio itโ€™s also easily possible to have a 9600Baud link.


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