RTK corrections from NTRIP

Am also facing the same problem with my reach RS2.
And to add on sometimes I can’t even access reachview with simcard inserted.

Hi Matt,

May I ask you to share the Full System report generated on the device?
Please send it to me in PM as it may contain sensitive info.

Also, it there any chance you can share a video showing issues with ReachView accessing?

Hi Matt,

Thanks for sharing the Full System report!

I’ll delete your message as the report may contain sensitive information such as NTRIP credentials.

We’ll look into it and I’ll get back to you with any news.

Hi Tatiana
Have you found a solution to this problem? Coz I can’t use this instrument ever since I received it.
It’s a bit frustrating!

Hi Matt,

Sorry it took so long to get back to you!

According to the system report, it seems that your Reach device runs the v2.20.4 firmware version. This version is outdated. We have a lot of important fixed since that, so I’d recommend you update your device to the latest stable v2.22.3.

This guide describes how to do that.

The issue you described might be caused by different reasons. One of them is already fixed in the latest stable. We’re currently working on the fix for others.

Please update your device and let me know if it helps.

Alright thanks
Will get back to you soon

I have a similar problem. I noticed that if I turn on the functions of the sim card, I have a problem with the connection wifi- disappears every moment and I can not connect. I need to reset RS2, but the wifi connection only works until the first start of ReachView. If I enter the Connection Input tab, then the connection is terminated. It’s very frustrating. Also, after entering the NTRIP provider, I cannot get FIX. It works fine through a bluetooth connection. I have the current version 2.23.3

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Hi @marcin,

Sorry for keeping you uninformed for so long.

We’re already found the root of the issue and hope to release the fix as soon as possible. However, the nature of the issue is quite tricky that’s why it’s hard to provide any certain ETAs.

At the moment, would you mind trying a temporary workaround? Until the fix released, the device can be connected to a mobile hotspot to get NTRIP corrections. We have a guide describing how to do that in docs.

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will try it out and see if it works thanks

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Hi Matt,

I’m back with some updates on the issue you encountered.

Recently, we released a new dev v2.23.4 update that fixing the issue with unstable hotspot connection when the SIM card is inserted. However, please note that it’s currently not possible to enable mobile sharing to provide 3rd-party devices with Internet access.

Dev releases are good for testing and allow earlier access to the new features until they make it into the stable branch. They are also very helpful because of the feedback of our users who tried them.

If you decide to test it, please let me know if it resolves the issue.

hello tatiana
thanks for the information ,
i will try the dev channel the moment i get back in touch with my instrument

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hi tatiana
i have just subcribed to the DEV v2.23.4 and am having a stable fix most of the time.
i will post here the


Hi Matt,

Great to know it! Would be nice to see the test results, too :slightly_smiling_face:

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