RTK_Conv "no rinex file" error when attempting to convert version 2.10 to version 3.03


I am having issues using RTK_Conv to convert RINEX version 2.10 observation files to RINEX version 3.03. My software settings are as follows:
and the file I am attempting to convert looks like this:

I have also attached both files I am trying to convert: Uploading: dec16_1.obs…
This data was collected using a VN-300 (not Emlid) but it presumably would not affect the file format compared to data collected by an Emlid receiver. After hitting run, as shown in the first image, I receive an error “no rinex file …” which suggests to me that perhaps RTK_Conv doesn’t deal with RINEX 2.10. Is there a workaround for this or am I doing something wrong?


The log didn’t uploud. Could you post it again?

dec16_1.obs (7.4 MB)

Hopefully this one worked, sorry about that


It seems this file has the formatting RTKLib doesn’t support. Perhaps, the manufacturer of the device you used can provide the tool to convert this log?

Although “Curiosity killed the cat” :slight_smile:

teqc.exe +qc dec16_1.18o > dec16.txt
window_OK(): unknown file format 0 (unknown ?)
teqc … exiting

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