RTK basline issue

I am new to use RTK with emlid RS2, I connected the base with rover using Lora, but the baseline for base and rover is less then 400 m radius only the rover is connected.but they mentioned 30km.how can I rectify that

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Maybe your Base coordinates are incorrect.

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A popular mistake is missing a - sign in the coordinates. That one puts me 1200km away.

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When using LoRa, you can expect 5 - 10 kilometers if there is no obstacle between the base and the rover. This distance decreases significantly if there are forests or big buildings in the line of sight. 30km is, however, pretty much impossible with the built-in LoRa. It would be okay with NTRIP though.

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Hi Jeya,

I agree with @Zinou thoughts: it sounds related to the base position. Let’s take a closer look at it. How did you set the base: manually or via averaging? If the first option, where did you get the coordinates and height?

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There seems to be some confusion with your question

Are you having a problem with the range of the LoRa radio?

You are getting a maximum range of 400m between base & rover?


Thank you for all, I am new to using emlid DGPS. I followed the step which mentioned in RTK over LoRa workflow and I feed the base coordinate and height manually which I got from the same device static process. But i get the baseline for 400m radius. I don’t where I leave mistakes.Please, anyone, share the documentation for base and rover settings over LoRa if available.


Ah, I see it now. Sorry, I misread your initial email. Are your base and rover located in the line of sight?

I can second Florian’s thoughts regarding the baseline for LoRa. 60 km is a general baseline limitation in RTK for Reach RS2. But for LoRa, it’s up to 8 km when receivers are in the line of sight. At the same time, the obstacles blocking the visibility between the receivers significantly decrease this range. In this case, it may be hundreds of meters only.

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Not it is in line of sight and some trees and buildings are there in sight. So, we mounted the base in building terrous. I too know the obstacle is there, But it is a very small area for baseline. Is, any other option is there?

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Hmm, I see. Is there an internet connection on your worksite? If yes, you can transmit the corrections via the internet using free Emlid Caster. This way, the baseline for Reach RS2 base and rover can be up to 60 km.

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