RTK base station, what is needed?

I have a matrice 350 RTK and am wondering what to get as the base station. I was thinking the emlid m2 rtk kit or the emlid m2 uav kit. What’s the difference between these kits other than LORA connectivity? Is LORA needed to connect to the DJI Matrice 350 rtk? Do i only need one emlid reach rs2+ or m2 antenna or multiple to be able to run my drone and check shots alongside gcps. Was hoping to also use the reach rs2+ for other field data collection also so need a good tripod recommendation and monopod or whatever people think are the best options. Don’t need anything to light but wouldn’t mind a mix between heavy duty and lightweight or more so heavy duty survey grade for sure. Thanks for the help.

Hi @race.richards,

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DJI Matrice 350 RTK has an RTK receiver on board, so you don’t need an additional Reach M2. All that you need is to place a base for the drone. Reach RS2+ is perfect for it. You can learn more about its integration with DJI RTK drones from this guide.

To place GCPs, I usually recommend 2 Reach RS2+ units. Here is a guide with a detailed workflow as well. Do you have a stable internet connection on your work site?

To collect GCPs, you can use our survey pole. As for tripods, Reach RS2+ has a 5/8" mount thread. So any industry-standard tripod should suit you.

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