RTK and Tower App


we are using Pixhawk PX4 together with 3DR Tower App. Is it possible to use your RTK system in that configuration? What’s about your plans?


at the moment you need to use missionplanner to inject the base gps through mavlink to the reach on the UAV with NAVIO (and their custom version of APM);
Since I don’t use Pixhawk - i don’t know if it’s possible to inject Base station’s correction link through official pixhawk firmware and MissionPlanner; i don’t know if the twr-app will ever support the injection function

you can always connect the 2 reach modules with lte or RF transmitters or wifi (its onboard with reach modules and preconfigured) and output the solution with nmea to pixhawk; you will just need seperate radio setups for reach;
i believe at the moment that’s the best solution;

i think emlid is still waiting for the official implementation with ardupilot and their protocol (ERB) to pass it through mavlink…

I believe that Tower does not support corrections injection, so you need to use Mission Planner for that.

ERB support is fully implemented for PIxhawk and is available in ArduCopter 3.4 . We also provide ArduCopter 3.3.3 firmware patched for ERB in the docs. RTCM3 is being passes through MavLink for corrections and format for sending coordinates from Reach to ArduPilot is ERB.

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