RTK accuracy without base station

I am looking into using Reach, but I have no need for high real time accuracy. What I need is good accuracy after post processing, and if possible I would like to avoid the need for more hardware on the base station (as well as the need to properly locate the base station position). Would I get just as good accuracy by using only the moving Reach unit, then doing post processing using NTRIP server data? My application is photogrammetry.

I am new to REACH and RTK and I have NOT verified what I am saying here, however based on what I have read, you don’t need another REACH base station to get centimeter accuracy, if you have access to a NTRIP Server.

  1. You could either get centimeter accuracy in real time by connecting to the NTRIP Server via Internet. The main issue is finding a server in your area that doesn’t charge big money.
  2. You could use the logs in your REACH (rover), download corresponding NTRIP Server data (usually free) for your area, and do post processing (it seems that you need to keep the rover at each point stationary for ten minutes for this to work). Hopefully, others can correct me, if I am wrong.

Thanks, your answer make sense to me. I hope, however, that post processing will be ok without the need for a stationary platform since my platform is a UAV. At this time a quadcopter but in the future it will be a fixed wing.


The setup you described works just fine. You can either download the logs later or connect Reach to the NTRIP server and it will record the base logs to a file and use RTK to improve your flight. It will need to be connected to the Internet, though.