RTK accuracy on ReachView & IMU integration


Received my reach rtk kits a week or so ago and I am loving the accuracy I get in it so far. A bit about my setup, I route the rtk solution to port 9000 and then use strsvr on my tablet to route it to virtual COM ports for use in QGIS. I have a few quick questions:

  1. RTKNAVI reports positional accuracy on the computer version, can that be implemented to ReachView anytime soon?
  2. I understand also that loss of sat fix results in cycle slips which can be resolved by filtering positions based on imu data. Is the imu already interated, ie. where we just need to set “rec dynamics” to ON in reachview?


Thanks for your feedback!

  1. Sure, it’s already on the task list, should be done soon.
  2. Currently IMU data is not related to “rec dynamics”, but the work on IMU integration in RTKLIB engine is planned by Tomoji Takasu.
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You can also connect QGIS directly to the REACH without a virtual COM port. Image below shows QGIS and RTKPLOT getting solution data simultaneously.

If anyone wants to try it in QGIS the menu selection is View / Panels / GPS Information Panel

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can you tell me where is the accuracy info in RTKNAVI please? Is it somewhere in the monitor window?

@kozuch Look for N, E, U values in the solution section.

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I am using Reach RS. Wondering whether the IMU integration with the RTKLIB has happened yet? Without the RTK integration, it seems the positioning quality drifts a lot and cannot compete with those RTKs with IMU integration.