RTIMULib2 for IMU on Reach RTK

Hi. Just got back to working with Reach RTK after a while. Following is a link to the Github repo for a refactored version of the RTIMULib2 for the MPU-9250 IMU on the Reach RTK:

The instructions for build and test are provided in the readme. All GUI apps have been removed from the original RTIMULib2 for running on the Intel Edison. I was able to successfully calibrate the accelerometer and min/max calibration of the magnetometer. However, the ellipsoid calibration is not working yet. Planning to use the RTHost and RTHostGL app to achieve that in the future. Please note, that this code only displays the fused pose and filtered accel and gyro values.

I am trying to figure out how I can send these values to the Host PC along with the RTK GPS values. Any tips/suggestions would be highly appreciated.


Great work.
Could you send them out on a separate tcp server as a first approach?

Great work.

I’ve been using RTIMULib2 standard build and just ignoring the GUI apps. This makes it a cleaner install!

To your question, I worked around this by:

  1. Have the reach program send GPS data to
  2. Run a simple python script on the Edison that reads the IMU continuously, and when a GPS sentence comes in, it parses and combines it with the IMU to send a new custom sentence back out. It’s called $PAOGI and configured to work the AgOpenGPS tractor guidance application.
    It uses system.d to start automatically at boot

I’m a bad programmer, but here are the details of what I’m doing:

Another option would be to just send the IMU data via a different port and have 2 port connections on the host. I prefer to send it all under one connection.


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