RTCM3 to RINEX conversion problem

I did some tests with M2 and now I am trying to post-process the raw files.
I mounted the M2 to the roof of my car and connected to my local Ntrip provider using VRS.
The solution was fixed most of the time.
I downloaded the rover ubx, base rtcm3 and solution file.
When I try to convert the base rtcm3 file to rinex with rtkconv nothing happens.
I downloaded the rtklib-qt-win-b33.zip from emlid site.
Can anyone help? I attach the 2 base files from the 2 tests I did.
base_202010130842_RTCM3.zip (71.6 KB) base_202010110829_RTCM3.zip (143.3 KB)

Hi @vgo195,

It seems that the files are empty. May I ask you for how long you have collected the data? If you have the solution log, please attach it. It can help to check if the corrections were received and saved correctly.

Here are the solution files.
solution_202010110829_XYZ.zip (84.1 KB) solution_202010130842_XYZ.zip (39.3 KB)
The solution is based on the RTK NTRIP connection to my local provider.
I want to post process using the files downloaded from rover.

Hi @vgo195,

This behavior is indeed weird. We’d like to investigate it further.

Please share the screenshot of the Correction input tab when the unit is connected to this VRS service. Press on the arrow at the right bottom corner of the window to display the RTCM3 messages list. It’ll help us to understand if there are any messages that cannot be converted.

Hi @vgo195,

We’ve found out that this VRS service provides 1003 and 1011 messages. RTKLIB doesn’t support these RTCM3 messages at the moment. That’s why this Base corrections log can’t be converted to RINEX.

Ok thanks for the info.

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