RTCM3 metadata

Hi there, we’re obtaining raw observations through RTCM caster stream to post process. I’m wondering if there’s a way to also obtain other information such as battery levels of the unit at time of observation?

Thanks in advance

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We don’t have plans of implementing such a feature in Emlid Caster. Usually, it’s possible to check battery level when the mobile device and the receiver are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

If the receiver is Reach RS2, there is a possibility to use SIM card for it. If it has a fixed IP address, you can manage the device remotely via this IP.

Can you share your use case in more details? Is the device inaccessible via Wi-Fi in your setup?

I have asked about this feature in another group chat with Emlid users, being able to get base battery data via rtcm3 data would be great, there’s no wifi or internet out where we work so it’s not as easy as just keeping on the same network to access the base. Doesn’t have to be a regular update either, every 5min a base battery level sent out would be great

Hi Cameron,

RTCM3 data doesn’t contain any info regarding the battery level. So, it’s not the matter of the implementation. If we ever plan to add this feature, it won’t be accomplished via RTCM3 stream.

That’s why I wander around in a field with the RS2 and you guys are the brains behind making the RS2 :joy:

I had assumed there was something in the packets been sent across which could allow that, the Leica units offer this but it must be done some other method then.

Anyway, we appreciate the continual development of both RV3 and the additional rover units you’re making :metal:

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If no one wanders around in the field with Reach RS2, there’s no need to make them, right? :smile: Demand creates supply, as we all remember from the school bench :blush:

Thank you for your appreciation!

I also saw your comprehensive post about DJI M300 integration, thank you for sharing your experience with the community :hugs:

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