RTCM over LoRa to other GNSS


I’d like to use a Reach RS2 as a base station and send RTCM corrections to a Reach LoRa module that would pass them on to another GNSS receiver (e.g. via UART). Is this possible? How do I go about setting up the LoRa module as a receiver with the right settngs? Is there any documentation how the Reach LoRa modules talk to anything but the M+? I have been looking for it but can’t really find anything. Would be thankful for any indication where to search.


I’m not sure that anyone has had real sucess in getting an Emlid LoRa to talk with some other LoRa (people have tried).

I think your time is best invested in using external radios. RS2 has an RS232 serial interface that is made available through the optional cable.


Thank you, @bide! Are you maybe aware what the position of emlid is on this topic? My guess is that they would actually only have to win if theirLoRa modules were more interoperable with other systems.

By the way, I would use the emlid LoRa on both ends, with an RS2 broadcasting corrections. Just another RTK module instead of the M+ on the receiver end.

I would think it is not just the LoRa that has to be adopted to other systems, but other systems probably needs to be adopted to LoRa too. That would be my wild guess on this.


Thanks for bringing that post to our attention! Any developments since it was posted? (over 1 year ago)

LoRa has been boosted greatly in the RS2. RS2 is what happend the past year :sweat_smile:
Not much els is new about LoRa regarding compatibility with other brands I`m afraid.
But hey, Emlid has black belt in droping great news when you least expect it :blush:


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