RTCM output for Reach-RS

Hello all,

Looking into the new Reach RS,

If getting two units (Base and Rover), would it be possible to output the RTCM correction via a serial connection from the Rover? i.e. the rover will act as a modem rather than fully functional rover …
The RTCM corrections should output via serial at 1Hz minimum.

Also, a question for Emlid guys, are there any plans in the pipeline for making Reach-RS with radios in the 433Mhz band … ?

Thank you.


This is not something that we support out of the box, what might be the use case for that?

Yes, we aim to make a 433MHz version, but it will take some time.

Thanks for replying Igor.
The use case I have in mind is this - two reach-rs units to be used for combined Aerial and Hydrographic surveys in remote locations.
Two reach-rs units to be used on a typical Base-Rover for Aerial survey GCP.
Then, one unit as base and one unit onboard a survey vessel to output RTCM (via serial) into survey equipment top unit (already have dual-antenna GNSS integrated).
In the use case above, would it be possible to output RTCM (sent from base) onboard the survey vessel using the secondary reach-rs unit?

I think in that case it would be more convenient to send data from the base to a NTRIP caster and connect the survey unit to that NTRIP caster.

About the 433 MHz radios is the timeline in days, couple of months or farther out?


@gorxus most likely a few months.